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Companion Laser Therapy 

Companion Laser TherapyAs anyone with an elderly dog or cat will know, the passage of time stiffens the joints and slows things down as arthritis sets in. While some would simply take this for granted there are many therapies that are available to help the dog suffering from various musculoskeletal problems. These include traditional medications, joint supplements, acupuncture, massage, and hydrotherapy. A new form of therapy that also can be extremely helpful if your pet is suffering from various aches and pains is laser therapy.

Laser therapy, more correctly referred to as “Low Level Laser Light Therapy”, is rapidly being assimilated into the treatment regimens used by veterinarians to help pets with a variety of problems. While laser therapy can be used to assist pets and healing from almost any medical condition, it is most commonly employed for dogs with diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as arthritis. 

Companion Laser TherapyHow exactly does laser therapy assist healing? Laser light in the red and near-infrared range triggers a photochemical reaction in the body that increases blood flow to tissues. This in turn promotes improved function in the growth, replication and repair of cells.

The end result of the biological interactions between the laser and the cells is healing. The exact nature of the healing depends upon the condition being treated. For example, with musculoskeletal problems, healing results as a reduction of inflammation and pain.

As is true with all natural therapies, it's important to understand that laser therapy by itself is usually not the sole form of therapy. Remember that the ultimate goal is healing and anything which allows us to reach that goal should be used. We often use laser therapy in conjunction wtih massage, physiotherapy and pain-relieving medication. 

Companion Laser TherapyIn addition to arthritis we have used it to treat wounds, skin conditions, lick granulomas and even dental disease. It is inexpensive, painless, and induces healing naturally rather than simply hiding symptoms as is often the case with conventional medications.