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Pet Care Videos 

Passive Range of Motion Exercises.

Passive range of motion exercises are a useful way of increasing flexibility and function in pets with joint conditions, especially Osteoarthritis. They are particularly helpful when used as part of multi-modal approach to Osteoarthritis, along with Laser Therapy, weight reduction and pain relief. Your pets can get used to this process over time, especially if low-calorie treats are used to reward compliance. Applying heat packs to affected joints before doing these exercises can reduce pain and discomfort.

Cleaning your dogs ears.

Not every dog needs their ears cleaned but if they are prone to ear infections or scratching it can help make them more comfortable. We sell the all the proper alcohol-based cleaners and can advise you on all aspects of ear care for your pet.

Apply eye drops to your dog.

Lots of dogs get discharge from their eyes especially in the morning. This can be wiped with a moist cotton bud. Should one of our vets diagnose a problem with your pet’s eyes, drops may be prescribed. This video shows you how to safely and effectively administer these drops.

Giving a tablet to your cat

Cats can be very difficult to give tablets to as they aren’t as easily fooled as dog! Here you can see the best way to give them, whether it’s a worming tablet of medication prescribed by a vet. If your cat still won’t take them, contact us as some tablets can be replaced by a long lasting injection.

Giving a tablet to your dog.

Most dogs will take tablets very easily if given with some food. Should you be having difficulty here are a few tips and tricks to help you.

Treating your diabetic cat.

Managing diabetes in your cat needn’t be stressful for you and your pet. Check out this video for some guidelines on correctly administering insulin injections. Did you know: if diabetes is diagnosed early enough and managed carefully it can actually be cured!

Treating your diabetic dog.

Getting into good habits regarding insulin injections is the key to controlling diabetes in dogs. This video shows the easiest and best way to manage your dogs diabetes. Our vet and nurse team can help you with any other questions you may have.

Post Surgery Care for your pet.

After any surgery your pet will need special care and attention for a few days. In this video you’ll find out how to look after your pet and what signs to look out for in case something goes wrong. If you are worried you can always just pick up the phone, call us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

How to shampoo your dog.

Medicated shampoos can be an important part of treatment for skin conditions. This video shows in detail how to get the best results for your dog.