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Teddy getting lazer treatmentWe have been asked to review teddy's laser therapy treatment and what effect the treatment has had on him.

Teddy had surgery on both interior cruciate ligaments in January / February 2014. Since then he has had intermittent problems with his legs (stiffness and dragging paws).

In January 2015 it was suggested that teddy begin laser treatment on both knees. Since he has begun the weekly treatment,  we have noticed a considerable difference in his movement. He has gained considerable more strength in his hind legs. We find he is not as stiff moving. The most notable change is that he now lifts his hind legs to pee, especially the leg we would have considered the worst affected. This has only happened since he began the treatment. He never attempted to do this before the treatment. He also has no need for any oral pain relief now.

Teddy enjoys going into get his treatment - he pulls to get in the office and we find after he has had his treatment he is a lot calmer. We have even been told he has fallen asleep during the treatment so he must find it relaxing!

Let us know if you need anymore information from us.

Thanks again for all you do for teddy.

Yvonne and eamon


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