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Worming, Tick and Flea Treatments 


One of the most common parasites afflicting pets is fleas, with every cat and dog suffering from them at some stage in their lifetime. Fleas are the cause of Flea Allergic Dermatitis in pets and in severe cases, fleas can cause anaemia.

Fleas breed throughout the year in centrally heated homes. It is extremely important to treat all cats, dogs and rabbits and to maintain a flea control programme throughout the year. Please consult us on the most effective flea control for your pet.


Dogs may be infected with many types of intestinal worms. It is not always easy to spot the symptoms, which are why it is best to treat for worms every 3 months to prevent any serious worm infection.

It is extremely important to follow veterinary advice on a specific worming routine before symptoms become obvious and damage your pet’s health.


Ticks are particularly active in autumn months. They live in long grass and woodland areas and can easily attach themselves to dogs or cats as they brush past. Ticks pierce a hole through the skin of your pet and feed on its blood. They can cause a reaction at the site or anaemia if there is severe infestation. The greatest risk is that they can transmit Lyme Disease. Always make sure that your flea control programme has the ability to kill ticks.